Fall 2018: June 1, 2018

All OLLI at UNT Faculty teach on a volunteer basis. Our Curriculum Committee, composed of OLLI at UNT members, meets prior to each academic semester to review class proposals and recommend classes for final review and selection by the Director of OLLI at UNT. If your proposal is accepted, our Faculty Support staff will contact you to confirm your class schedule and other logistics.

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One class session is 90 minutes long. How many sessions will it take for you to present all of your material?
Please indicate whether you want to teach this class once at a single location or repeat it at multiple locations.
Select all of the locations where you would like to teach this class in the coming semester.
If your subject material requires a limited class size, please indicate that by specifying a preferred limit. Otherwise, classes will only be limited by classroom capacity.
Create a paragraph using complete sentences. Describe the 3-5 main ideas you will be discussing and/or 3-5 activities in which members will participate. Do not create lists of session topics to be covered. Use action verbs that show participants how they will be engaged in the class.
Begin with your first and last name, written the way you prefer. Include only aspects of your background and experience that relate to the topic that you are presenting. Please do not include a comprehensive list of your credentials.
Please consider uploading a headshot, which we may post online or in promotional material advertising your class to our members.
Files must be less than 96 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png.
In an effort to be eco-friendly, OLLI at UNT posts your handout/reference material on our website, allowing members to print the documents at their own discretion.

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