OLLI at UNT Advisory Council History

Current Council Members:

President - Deborah Diehl August 2020
Vice President - Dr. Max Morley August 2020
Financial Liaison - Ray Pahler August 2021
Secretary - Dr. Emily Richardson* August 2021
Dr. Pankaj Jain August 2021
Dr. John Booth August 2021
Branon Dunn August 2020
Peggy Higgins August 2020
Darrel VanDyke August 2021
Dr. Diana Mason Ex Officio
*named to fill out the term of J.B. Spalding after he stepped down in August 2019.  


2018-19 Council
President - Diana Mason (end of term)
Vice President - Deborah Diehl
Financial Liaison - Jonathan Hall (end of term)
Secretary - Branon Dunn
Patti Smith (end of term)
Max Morley
John Booth (end of 1st term)
J.B. Spalding
Peggy Higgins


2017-18 Council
President - Tom Hoemeke
Vice President - Diana Mason
Financial Liaison - Patti Smith
Secretary - Max Morley
John Booth
Deborah Diehl*
Reid Ferring
Jonathan Hall
Debbie Smatresk (end of term)
*named to fill out the term of Mike McPherson after he stepped down in December 2017.