Faculty Handouts

Faculty handouts will be posted on this website as they are made available to us. We recommend checking this page for handouts prior to attending class.


13F. Cassini and Other Remote Investigations of Our Solars System and Beyond

16D, 45R. "I Don't Understand What You're Saying!" Cultivating Intercultural Communication Competencies

19R. 2017 U.S. Tax Laws and Preparations for the Newly Single

38R, 88D. Arts Education as Citizenship Education

39R, 44D, 52F. Wearing Green on St. Patrick's Day? Probably!

40R. Digital Photography as a Hobby

43D. Sexuality for Older People

53D. Introduction to Criminal Profiling for the Amateur

62R, 89D. Gerrymandering: The Crippling of our Democracy and How to Fight Back

67D. Introduction to Internet True Crime Sleuthing

73F, 87R, 95D, A View from the Intersection of Art & Technology

76R. A Brief History of Early Jazz

84D. "Kirk and Spock Did What?" A Brief History of Fanfiction as a Tool for Learning to Write

102F. The Historical Jesus

105R. Geometry and Billiards Played on a Triangular Table

107R. Appealing Your Denton County Property Appraisal

109R. Understanding Wireless Mobile Phones for Seniors