Fall 2022 Faculty Handouts


Faculty handouts will be posted on this website as they are made available to us. We recommend checking this page on a regular basis for updates.

Last updated: Monday, November 21, 2022


An American's Guide to Eurovision

Becoming a Successful Grandparent

Behind the Curtain: A Directorial Discussion of Denton's Production of Cabaret

A Blemish on the History of the 21st Century? The Contentious Remembrance of the Dresden Bombings in Post-War Germany

Brain Health: The Care and Feeding of Your Brain

Dimensions of Diversity and Social Justice - IDEA Workshop

Does Our Personality Change? If So, Why?

Hey, Siri, Are You Turning Into a Real Person?

History of the Vampire in Folklore, Literature, and Film

How Democracies Break Down: Implications for the U.S.

International Relations: Understanding the Conflicts in Today's Headlines

Keys to Understanding Texas Government

Looking for More Income From Your Investments?

Maintaining and Improving Your Mental Skills

The Mystery Behind the Knights Templar: Separating Facts from Fiction

The Mystery of Tom & Sally

Opera Basics: Its Components

Origins of Thanksgiving and Christmas Traditions

Publish or Perish? The Secrets Behind Creating Bestsellers

Stress Management: Better Choices for Better Health

Successful Aging: What Is It and How Do We Achieve It?

Tragedy and History in the Divine Comedy

Understanding Texas Government

Upcoming Financial Decisions as You Approach Age 65 and Beyond

Who Invented the Computer?

Your Family History: Federal and State Land Records