Faculty Handouts

Faculty handouts will be posted on this website as they are made available to us. We recommend checking this page for handouts prior to attending each course session.


Lunch & Learn Lecture Series

Arts & Humanities

Nature & Gardening

Finance & Business


  • Chinese Food in America: A Food/Family Memoir; A Tribute to my Father
  • An Introduction to the Work of Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Peleliu: The Little Known WWII Pacific Battle
  • Why Has St. Patrick's Day Become a Global Celebration?

Current Events & Social Issues

  • Gerrymandering: Just the Facts
  • The Case for an Active U.S. Foreign Policy Role in the World

Philosophy & Religion

  • The Life of David: A King of Renown, A Tragic Figure

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math

  • Base and Precious Metals and Stones - Where We Find Them and How They Form

Wellness & Lifestyle