Faculty Paradigms

  1. Members recommend offering a visual aid such as PowerPoint to accompany the lecture if possible.
  2. Members recommend having a reference sheet or handout available online.
  3. Please submit your presentations and handouts (if applicable) at least 3 business days before your class.
  4. When confirming your class, please note if you have sound or video within your presentation.
  5. Faculty should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of their class.
  6. Please direct members to save their questions until the end of class so as not to monopolize the lecture.
  7. Faculty should allow at least 10-15 minutes towards the end of their class for questions.
  8. When asked a question, please repeat the question for the entire class before providing an answer.
  9. Please be mindful of the fact that there will usually be another faculty member teaching after you and OLLI at UNT staff may need to reset the room prior to the next class. Please close the class according to the schedule.
  10.  If members would like to continue their discussions after your class, please request they first move to the hall or another area.