OLLI at UNT Podcast

This podcast will give you a deeper look into the professional and personal lives of various members of the OLLI at UNT community. In each episode, host Susan Supak showcases her talent for bringing out interesting facts about your fellow members, as well as the faculty who volunteer to teach our courses. She also gets the latest news about the program from OLLI at UNT staff. If you've ever left a course and wished the conversation didn't have to end, this podcast is for you.

The primary way to listen to podcasts is through an app on your phone or tablet (see instructions at the bottom of this page). However, you can always listen to our podcast by coming to this website and clicking on one of the episodes in the list below. We will notify members via email each time we post a new episode.

We have partnered with UNT Libraries Digital Collections to make our podcast episodes available in their Scholarly Works collection.
You can check out the collection at https://digital.library.unt.edu/ScholarlyWorks.

About the Host

Susan Supak was previously the host of the Library Out Loud interview series at Albert Wisner Public Library in Warwick, NY. Since relocating to Texas with her husband, she has become an enthusiastic member and supporter of OLLI at UNT. When we asked what made her choose our program, she told us: "The numerous scientific studies that highlight the connection between lifelong learning and community involvement with maintaining cognitive and mental health make OLLI at UNT the most fun and exciting 'preventive medicine' we could ever want. It's a dose of interesting classes, bright people, and fun activities!"


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