You can use your smart phone or tablet to subscribe to the OLLI at UNT podcast. Subscribing to the podcast allows you to be automatically notified when we upload a new episode and you can have your device automatically download new episodes as well. This can be handy if you'd like to listen to the podcast while you're on the go or away from your desktop computer. To subscribe to the podcast, you'll need to download a podcasting app to your phone or tablet. A podcasting "app" (short for "application") is basically a program that allows you to play the podcast audio from your phone/tablet without having to navigate to this website first.

  • Locate the app store on your phone/tablet and download a podcasting app.

You can search "podcast" in your app store to compare the various app options. We've suggested two standard apps below, Apple Podcasts for Apple users and Google Podcasts for Android users. These apps may come pre-loaded on your phone/tablet.

  • When the podcasting app has downloaded, open it and use its search feature to search for the "OLLI at UNT podcast."
  • Once our podcast appears in your search results, select it and then be sure to subscribe to the podcast.


To learn how to use the Apple Podcasts app on your iPhone or iPad, watch the video above
or click here to read Apple's instructions.


To learn how to use the Google Podcasts app on your Android phone or tablet,
click here to read Google's instructions.

RSS Feed: Some podcasting apps allow you to subscribe to a podcast by entering the URL for its RSS feed. The URL for our RSS feed is