Collage of photos featuring OLLI members attending lectures.

Last updated December 14, 2023.

Where and when are courses held?

Does OLLI at UNT run all year?

  • Yes. OLLI at UNT courses are offered during 3 semesters.
    • Fall: September – November
    • Spring: February – April
    • Summer: June - July

Do I need to fill out a Course Proposal Form?

  • Yes, we respectfully ask that you always propose a course by submitting our online Course Proposal Form. We require a large volume of proposals to fill each semester and specific information is required in order to schedule each class and include it in our online and printed catalog. Our Course Proposal Form is designed to efficiently facilitate this process.

How many sessions can be in one course?

  • There can be up to 4 sessions in one course. Each session is 90 minutes long but it is recommended to leave time at the end in order for members to ask questions.

Once I have submitted my proposal online, is my course automatically approved?

  • No, it will be tentatively scheduled and must be approved by the OLLI at UNT Curriculum Committee. If approved, you will be notified to confirm your date, time, and location.

How will I know if my course has been selected for the semester?

  • After the Curriculum Committee meets, they will provide OLLI at UNT staff with the courses chosen for the semester. OLLI at UNT staff will email you with information regarding the status of your courses.

What equipment is provided for my in-person course?

  • At each of our satellite locations there will be a computer that is equipped with a projector and sound system. You will also have access to a microphone.

Can I bring my own computer to my in-person course?

  • It is not recommended due to possible conflicts with our Audio-Visual Systems which could decrease the effectiveness of your course.

Do I need to use visual aids (i.e. PowerPoint, photos, etc.)?

  • Visual aids are not required; however, they are highly recommended. If you should require assistance in creating a PowerPoint presentation, please contact us at and a staff member will assist you.

Where can I park for my in-person course? Do I have to pay for parking?

How early should I arrive before each course session?

  • You should arrive at least 15 minutes before your sessions begins in order to set up your presentation.

How do I cancel or reschedule my course?

  • We understand that personal conflicts and medical emergencies can arise during the course of a semester. If you find that you are no longer to teach your course as scheduled, please email to let us know. We will then notify our members that the course will not proceed as scheduled. If possible, we will reschedule your course.

Is my course evaluated?

  • Yes, your course is evaluated by the members who attend. Please remember that evaluations should be completed following the last session of your class.

How do I check the results of the evaluations for my course?

  • An OLLI at UNT staff member will compile a summary of your evaluation results and submit them to you by email.

Do I receive any benefits for teaching for OLLI at UNT?

  • Yes, please check out the Faculty Benefits on our website for more information.