Faculty Handouts

Faculty handouts will be posted on this website as they are made available to us. We recommend checking this page for handouts prior to attending each course session.

FALL 2019

Lunch & Learn Lecture Series

  • Do You Know your Miranda Rights? Common Misconceptions and their Relevance to Police Questioning
  • How to Live with Gratitude and Appreciation
  • Understanding the Psychological and Neurobiological Nature of Resilience

OLLI After 5:00 Lecture Series

Arts & Humanities

  • American/British Folk Art Workshop and Home Tour
  • "Janus": A Short Story by Ann Beattie
  • My Life as a Musician and 30-Year Leader of the Guy Lombardo Royal Canadians

Nature & Gardening

  • Getting Nature Straight: Starting with the Big Thicket
  • Hurricanes & Severe Storms

Finance & Business


Current Events & Social Issues

Philosophy & Religion


Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math


Wellness & Lifestyle

  • Caring for Yourself as a Caregiver
  • Light Up Your Brain! Easy Ways to a More Agile Mind
  • Memory and Aging: How to Remember Not to Forget
  • Reading Food Labels: Guidance for Consumers
  • Senior Adult Housing Opportunities Your Grandmother Never Had